Friday, June 19, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

I see the Foxy Knoxy case,Lisa Lings sister and the guy who has a 9 year old son in Brazil. The thing as americans we have to realize is some countries hate us. When you go to another country you dont have the freedom and rights you have in america. If you have a child with someone from another or with family from another country they can get pissed at you and disappear to that country with your child if they want. Lifetime had some movies like that when I grew but the guy always took the kid to africa or the middle east and the mom from "family ties" would have to go sneak her way there because our country wouldnt help her. Her name is meredith baxter berney or something like that.
Anyway you can say what you want about this country but when you hear these stories you realize we do have alot of rights here in comparison to those countries. When you go to another country you understand the risk and you cant expect President Obama to come save you or send in the navy seals like that somali pirate situation. Im not saying hide under your covers and never leave the country or date anyone from outside the usa but just be careful where you go and use birth control until you know this person isnt a nutjob. Stay thirsty my friends.

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