Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annie get your gun

I just saw on espn(while Las Vegas was on commercial) that Julian Peppers signed a 16.7 million dollar contract for one year. Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless(vandy alum) talk about why athletes dont need guns but when you announce their salaries to the world every day I can understand why they would be paranoid. Dan Patrick has a guess the career earnings game that he plays but he never tells us how much he has made. The espn guys also dont tell us how much they have made but they expose athletes all the time. The only reason we know what rick reilly makes is because of deadspins unconventional journalism. We have a right in most states to carry weapons so as long as you have a license its no big deal to me. Plaxico Burris is treated like a murderer on espn but Lance Armstrongs bike thief received 3 years in prison. Money does buy Celebrity Justice these days but it always has in every country.
I dont know how they tied this in but somehow they made it about overpaid athletes and how wnba should be equal work for equal pay like the nba. The wnba is leaking money and their salaries are determined by the market and revenue. The owners are billionaires but there isnt jealousy and animosity towards them. I know teachers,soldiers,fire department and police are doing much more important job than athletes but again their salaries are a part of life and the amount of money available.

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