Friday, December 18, 2009

The Blind Side of remakes

The Blind Side is a big hit at the box office and people act like they are shocked. Im not surprised because "Webster" and "Different Strokes" were big hits and this is basically the same type story certain people love. The difference is webster and arnold didnt grow up to go to the alma mater of the host family which im sure was a coincidence*coughs* and they didnt become millionaires who could reward the family. Arnold and Webster were so small they would have to become jockeys if they wanted to shine in a pro sport.

So many kids need to be adopted so its great when good people take kids in. It has been said that some people are choosing kids they think will be great athletes and help out the family. I cant prove anything like that. Keith Bulluck(really nice guy) had a similar situation in his life and he plays for the Titans so ive met him and ive read about his background story. They could make movie out of his life if they wanted to but make sure the Titans win the super bowl at the end.

Elin Woods is turning into the new Rihanna according to the media. The real Rihanna isnt selling as well as she is being promoted plus she is half naked in mags,videos and everywhere you look. That innocent victim role was too "hard" for her to maintain for too long. The wild freak inside rihanna was dying to grab her ankles for the public again as soon as possible.

Tiger is allegedly heading for sex rehab now to try and get his wife back. Oprah has been suggested for Tiger too rehab his image but if his wife is leaving he should dodge oprah like she dodges treadmills. If his wife is going to leave anyway then why go on Oprah and get clowned. Tiger needs to be sitting next to his wife on Oprah so she can throw sucker punches at him like Robin Givens did Mike Tyson in that interview years ago. Elin is after the loot just like Givens except Elin has some sympathy while Robin is a machine designed to debone mens wallets from a mile away. Elin admitted she never dated or was attracted to black men before Tiger but something about him was different and not the money. Elin will file in California to get more money and also has a pre-nup that was recently redone to get more money but Jesper(golfer who introduced them while Elin was his "nanny") says she isnt about money...uh yeah right. Im not saying she is wrong but come on at least keep it real the money is what matters because people say she needs money to take care of her kids but Tiger is a billionaire those kids will never need anything. That money is so Elin can travel the world and ball like she was actually a famous model and not a nanny who took some model type pictures in high school.

Powerball is 92million and megamillions is 140 million so get those lucky Christmas,Hannakuh and Kwanzaa tickets to give out.(I dont know much about other religions except Christianity so if giving lottery tickets would offend your group dont do it. I dont want you blaming me for you getting cursed out by family,rofl.)

RIP Chris Henry

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