Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Jersey Bore

I read a story that MTV's new show Jersey Shore is losing sponsors faster than Glenn Beck. The show is full of stereotypes about Italian Americans and groups are protesting. The same groups protested the Sopranos but you know Tony wasnt having that so they were shut down real quick. I like this story because it should wake black people up to be more vocal about shows that are ignorant and full of stereotypes and maybe they can change or be cancelled.

Spike Lee criticized Tyler Perry and Perrys response was,"That pisses me off because Spike is acting like those people dont exist." No one is denying there are blacks like the loud ignorant acting people in Tyler Perrys movies but why is it every tv show and movie he does. In Perrys mind its ok to exploit these stereotypes for profit because he has no shame. I can remember when Perry was on Tom Joyner after Dave Chappelle walked away from comedy central. Perry said,"I would do anything for 50 million dollars,Dave is crazy to leave." Perry has no shame or dignity he just cares about money and I dont care how many times he tosses in Jesus or a bible verse in his shows to justify that ignorance we all know he cares about green more than he cares about pride in his works.

On the bright side the megamillions is at 100 million right now and the powerball is 52 million. The numbers and stats given about lottery winners going broke and having a high divorce rate have been exposed as made up numbers. They were created by CPA's or financial people who wanted to scare people who have sudden wealth to hire them. Also the numbers were thrown around by certain religions to make their members think gambling and any money you win will curse you to failure. Now that we know those stats are fake and global warming stats have been faked too you just need to make your own decisions in life and use common sense. You live once so as long as you arent hurting anyone else emotionally or physically then do your thang.

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