Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patronize the crew

Make sure you visit Amp's site and Ron Mexico's site. Tiger is up to about 10 women on the side and that doesnt count the women who were paid to sleep with him. Tiger should have stuck with the escorts full time so he wouldnt be in this situation of snitching. Some compared this to Tiger dad dying but no one would heckle a man for his dad dying but they will tease Tiger about nailing a Perkins waitress with the face of a 60 year old man.

The titans made mistakes and had bad play calls to help them choke against the colts. Now the titans need a miracle to get into the playoffs. I copied this from cbs:
New England: 8-8 beat jags
Bal:7-9beat pitt
Mia:8-8 beat jags and houston
NYJ: 7-9 beat cincy
Pitt: 7-9 beat mia
Hou: 6-10 beat new england
Oak: 6-10 beat denver and baltimore
Buff: 5-11 beat New England
San Diego: 9-7
Cincy: 10-6 beat San Diego

If all of that happens and the titans win out they would get in at 9-7.

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