Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrap up

The real sports seasons have wrapped up now because baseball is too early to matter now. The Lakers beat the Celtics in game seven last night so congrats to them and their fans.

Vince Young went to 3 charity events saturday and decided at the last minute to cap off his night with a strip to Onyx strip club in Dallas. Their website advertises $2 lap dances so its not a shock VY ended up fighting in place like that. That place sounds like a broke mans heaven but VY has too much to lose and he has to be smarter where he goes and who he lets bait him. I feel like im the only one in Vinces corner sometimes because there are fans here who want the rookie to start over VY this year. The Titans receivers will drop the ball they dont care if Joe Montana is back there. Joe Montana said VY would win many superbowls but that was during his rookie season. I want VY to prove Montana and me right but leading this team to the super bowl.

The world cup is still going on so I have to sort of pay attention so I can see if the teams I bet on actually win. So far its best to choose the team that says win or draw because of the low scores. You can say alot about soccer guys to make fun of them but you cant hate on their WAG's(wives and girlfriends). I think I actually started drooling when I saw some of those models. In america skinny is in for the big time models but in the latin countries the women who dominate the advertisements are curvy like our american video girls. You can debate forever if the women are with the guys for their looks, personality or money but if you need motivation to get rich those women could provide it. Of course the smart person wouldnt date anyone who just wanted them for their money but thats another long post entirely.

Speaking of money the powerball is 78 million for saturday and the megamillions is 17 million for friday. Enjoy your very hot weather weekend folks.

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