Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rich Kids Athletic Ability,FTL

I can remember an episode of Married With Children when Al Bundy had a flashback to being a little kid in a library. The Librarian met all again when he tried to return a book after 30 years and she said,"I always hated you. Is it wrong to hate a kid? I dont know but I always hated you." That was the funniest thing in that episode to me outside of Al having the hand down his pants habit even as a kid. Im watching Teen Cribs and I can understand where the Librarian was coming from.

Hating on someone like Hannah Montana or the Olsens doesnt make sense because they earned their positions and money but these kids are just getting spoiled by their rich parents so the hate should be cool. Ive noticed a trend in the kids that they are usually unattractive and geeky looking kids. Without their parents money they would surely be on the bottom of the social ladder in those high schools instead of the most popular because they throw parties and sleepovers at the estate/compound 6 nights a week.

I also noticed that the kids and parents will say they are great athletes but when you see them playing its street hockey or hoops at home,wtf? Who cant do that. Im not the first person to notice this because Deadspin had an article about Rich Parents dont raise as man pro athletes as Middle Class or Poor parents do. The poverty or just having to do without can feed a hunger and desire to be a success one day. When you are rich at birth whats your motivation to work really hard in the gym and watch your die to become a great athlete?People like Grant Hill are in the minority because his parents had money and he became a great pro athlete when he wasnt injured. Most of the NCAA booster violations are gifts given to poor kids who want to get paid for their talent one day anyway. Its not easy for a college to recruit a kid by offering him money or a car when his parents already gave him that for his 16th birthday.

The rich kids arent hungry to succeed can also apply to some in the music industry too. Once they have hit and make money from tours they dont have motivation to be creative. Jay-z had a good quote,"It took me a lifetime to make Reasonable Doubt so that is my best album",thats true for so many peoples lives. Even comedians can fall into that trap because they are so hungry and will perform for a meal when they are working the comedy clubs but after making it big they arent as funny or they try to cover new topics and not stay in the type of material that made them famous.

Reporter:Why did you start telling jokes or rapping?
Entertainer:To make money and get pretty women
Reporter:Dont you have that now
Entertainer: Oh yeah I have all that
Reporter:What is your motivation to keep going on
Entertainer:I dont know. Maybe to just maintain this lifestyle and have people call me the greatest ever

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