Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck Strickland>>>Bill Clinton/Why do athletes marry?

I saw a story on Deadspin that discussed athletes marriages failing 80% of the time and the wives initiate it most often. They described women getting annoyed when their husbands retire and are around too much. When he is on the road she is cheating or he is cheating on the road or both. Maybe she married him for his money and now most of it is gone or he married her for because of her beauty and now she is older and not as hot. The lucky athletes married high school sweethearts or college sweethearts who fell in love with them back when they rode a bike to class and lived on noodles and bologna. I think athletes get married to kill any gay rumors or to look like good family men to the potential sponsors.

Real love>>>

Politicians run into the same temptations as athletes because power can be a turn on. Democrats and independents get more of a pass when they cheat because they dont get elected on a family values platform like most republicans. Josh Hamilton is in this position now because his story was so great because he hit rock bottom with drugs and alcohol and every interview he did he mentioned his sobriety. Now pictures surfaced of him in a bar back in january and it makes him look bad only to the public because he never told us he had a weak moment and got drunk again. Not only drunk but doing shots and whipped cream off womens bodies. If this was Jeter getting drunk or not giving women cabfare after being in his suite all night(cold pimp move jeter I couldnt have pulled that off) it wouldnt have been the same. Jeter is smart enough to stay single so he can lick as many women as he wants and the Maxim 100 every year has almost 20 of his ex-girlfriends on it(what a life). Josh will be more humble now and just play baseball but most of the interviews he did the reporter would bring up the sobriety not Josh so its not as bad or as hypocritical as some of the politicians who hit you over the head with a bible and then get their mistress pregnant.

Derek Jeters life>>>

Bill Clinton has his office in Harlem and most comics made jokes about how much Bill Clinton loves black women thats why his office is in Harlem. I would agree he loves having sex with black women but if he really loved them he would be married to one. On "King of the Hill" Buck Strickland was in his mistresses apartment when he said,"You probably think its a coincidence that my restaurant is across the street from my mistresses apartment. Its no coincidence because I like to hump and I like to eat but I dont like to walk to far." When Buck said that the first thing I thought of was the reason Bill Clintons office is in Harlem. Bill is starting to look like Buck now too.

A friend of mine from college was in the government in Arkansas and he said,"Bill Clinton has had sex with some of the finest black women in Arkansas." One story was Bills friend(black preacher) got mad at him because Bill got his daughter pregnant. I dont think any man could be cool with a friend who sleeps with his daughter no matter what race you are. Hillary and Bill are in a power marriage and the many times he was busted cheating arent important to her because the mission was to get into the white house. "Primary Colors" Showed a wild Bill Clinton with Jesse Jackson as the religious figure. When the movie came out many thought they went over the top with the Jesse portrayal but that was before we knew about the kid by his mistress, sometimes following the wrong causes and of course the more recent smiling in President Obamas face while you say you want to castrate him behind his back. The shady vibe also caught up to Jesses son but thats another post for another day.

I dont know if ill be a Derek Jeter with alot of money or a Buck Strickland. There should be a nice middle ground in there somewhere but those couples are keeping their successful marriage secrets to themselves(Mike Wilbon said its threesomes). The lottery is the best way for me to get that Derek Jeter type money right away so for those of you who care the megamillions is up to 124 million for tuesday august 11th and powerball is 186 million for wednesday august 12th so get your ticket(s).

Those of you who want to be my Hillary Clinton you can email me. The titans beat the bills last night it was an EXHIBITION(preseason is a made up word to excuse them charging me full price) game. The critics bashed Vince Young even though he was the only quarterback who threw a touchdown in the entire game for either team. Im wearing my vince jersey to the game saturday against the bucs. Technically he is the number one quarterback in the NFL right now stats wise(since no other games have been played). Im still cheering for Vince to make it. Ill stay his fan even if they cut him until he plays the titans then ill root for him but not his team if that makes sense...while Im also rooting for the titans. Heimerdinger wants Ramsey to be the second string qb so he is calling more conservative plays to make Vince look worse than Collins or Ramsey. Houston is the only NFL city that loves VY so that would be the best team for him but the titans have a history of being real shady to players as they leave so they may trade him to the CFL or even worse the Lions. I feel like the only person in this city rooting for him because the local radio guys are harder on vince then the hypocrites at espn. ESPN had the yankees/redsox game so on sportscenter before the game they didnt preview the titans/ bills game on NBC because it was competing in the ratings,smh, when will the evil empire of ESPN finally fall or get real competition?

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