Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom Brady for Emperor of the World

Tom Breaky I mean Tom Brady is hurt again. Albert Haynesworth the former titan(lights a candle) tackled Brady and flopped on him. The play was totally legal but because Brady got a sore shoulder now Skip Bayless and others at ESPN want the rules changed. There already about 3 "brady" rules and who knows how many patriots rules to help them win but now some people want another one. Maybe this guy Brady is just soft and needs to toughen up. Peter King and others wanted to change the overtime rules and the playoff rules so Peyton Manning could win a game and the patriots could be in last years playoffs. Its insane how they act over Brady but at least Goodell hasnt said anything about changing that flop rule just for Brady. So far its just journalists running their mouths.

BREAKING NEWS: Goodell just passed a rule that any man who makes eye contact with Tom Brady is banished from the NFL for life.

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