Friday, September 4, 2009

Silencio Por Favor

I was at the Titans game last night so I missed most of the Boise State/Oregon game. I should have watched the end now that I see the highlights. One player for Boise State(they won) was talking trash and then he hit/pushed the Oregon starting runningback on his shoulder pad. Apparently the Boise State player is from a small town called"talk crap and walk away unscathed" the Oregon runningback is from another town on the other side of the country because he punched that guy in the jaw and knocked him out cold like a UFC fight. The ESPN people keep showing the highlight from the point after the guy hit his shoulder pad so it looks like the runningback was mad about losing to the Smurfs favorite football team and sucker punched him. Of course its a dumb idea to risk your college career and maybe even jailtime by punching another player but this guy wasnt completely at fault. He should have walked away and next time he will. I dont know if his next game will be in college or the nfl but he wont be this dumb again...I think.

The NCAA and the hottest woman in Boston ,Jackie McMullen, likes the idea of shaking hands at the beginning or end of games and this incident is why most of us said it was a dumb idea to do. This isnt golf or tennis where you have no contact with the players body. This is football and after trying to take my head off for 3 hours I will shake your hand but most of the people I played football with didnt want to speak to their own teammates after a loss so I know they didnt want to hug and gently hold the other team,no fishsticks.

On another note entirely the Titans won and Vince had his best game of the preseason. The local paper and radio say the preseason doesnt mean anything when VY plays well but everyone else on the team it shows"they are in game shape"...gtfoh.

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