Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update day JVM,Lottery winners

Ok ill update the JVM show and give out some credit along with updates on the Bronx lottery winner and South Carolina winner trying to be a young Vince McMahon. So I woke up and caught the end of the JVM update tonight on the Hofstra rape and I gave credit to police in the last article but I was wrong. The prosecution pressed the woman on her stories getting confused and told her about the tape and she decided to come clean. The police are the ones who held a press conference after only 2 days and showed the mens faces and names to the world. The police also went into intimate details of what happened in the bathroom according to the woman. Jane Velez Mitchell brought up a good point about how the police here acted and the police in the Yale murder acted. They didnt release names of suspects at Yale and they waited on DNA evidence to comeback. The accused murderer was freed and spent time at home while these accused rapists were shown to the world as "monsters". JVM said race could have played a factor but its sad that innocent men went through this. JVM threw most of the blame on the cops but at least she did a story talking about the false claim being exposed. Ive learned to settle when it comes to the media being fair and unbalanced.

Jimmy Groves was being honest when he said he was the winner of the Megamillions half in the Bronx. To come forward before the press conference and then doing a press conference doesnt make sense if you really hate the attention and people asking for money like he said. Half of his neighbors are saying move away while the other half are saying "spread the wealth" to them. Good luck Jimmy to you and your family.

I thought the only millionaires I would read about on Deadspin were athletes and owners(most are billionaires but still complain players are overpaid). Today the site came full circle to all my interests(lottery,sports,women,making bad decisions with money and women) by posting a link to an article about Jay Vargas. You may remember he is the 19 year old South Carolina powerball winner who said he would go to college with his money and learn how to make it grow. Well something happened on his way to the freshman dorm...he bought a wrestling league/reality show. "Wrestlicious" is the name of the show and you can see episodes on youtube right now. The owner is named "JV Rich". The story says he is the youngest powerball winner ever so congrats on that part but it also says he is married now so that was fast man. He said he was single at the original press conference so she moved in fast on him. He also moved to Tampa,Florida. I have heard of younger winners of the lottery but I guess they werent powerball winners. He won 17 million but I dont know how much he has left now.

Update: Big Ben is still running around in the pocket looking for open wide receivers a week later thanks to Chuck Cecil only rushing 3 and 4 lineman. Guess what Chuck 5 is more than 4 or 3 thats why the 5 steelers lineman were able to block your 4 or 3 defensive lineman. You dont have albert haynesworth demanding a double and triple team anymore so guess what try to mix in a blitz or two at the end of the game so the titans can win. If that game was played at home the titans may have gotten booed again. I would never boo the titans but I wouldnt have been sitting there complaining. Ill be out there probably in the rain sunday so try to beat the Texans this year and not choke like the end of last year. Titans players and coaches keep saying that this years team is better than last years team but you beat pittsburgh last year and you lose to them this year so start backing up your talk on the field. I dont know if next season will be uncapped but if it is and eventually every season after is uncapped then cheap Bud Adams will put me and my friends out on the field before he pays a good player the money they deserve. An uncapped year sounds like a dream to the redskins owner dan snyder and the cowboys owner jerry jones but the small market teams with cheapskate owners see our tickets being worthless because we can watch your teams lose from the comfort of our own homes.

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