Monday, September 14, 2009

Serena comedy hour

I saw the late rerun of the VMA's last night and the Janet Jackson dancing with Michael Jackson part was cool. They could have kept 95% of that show to themselves. Serena Williams came out to introduce Pink I think and she made a joke about not stepping on "lines" because Pink would be suspended in the sky. The crowd didnt make much noise because they didnt know what the hell serena was talking about. The day before at the US Open Serena went off on a line judge for calling a penalty and threatened to stuff a ball down her throat. The crowd didnt get the joke because who the hell watches tennis. I only knew about it because ESPN showed it on sportscenter. The ratings cant be too great because it has been on ESPN2 instead of one. They would never send Monday Night Football to ESPN2 full time.

Speaking of the VMA's they need to stop focusing on security to stop random fans from having fun and start focusing on drunk celebs. Kanyeezy fosheezy rushed the stage to say beyonce deserved the award over Taylor Swift but so far he has no one defending him today. The beyonce vid was spoofed worldwide and also set off a tranny alert alarm for the paranoid folks who breakdown every frame of every video but thats no reason to rush the stage. Ye is supposed to perform with Jay z on Jay Leno's new show tonight so maybe he will get booed or cheered who knows. Also Little Mama rushed the stage for the Jay-z and Alicia Keyes performance. At first I wasnt sure who that little guy was but when I got online it said it was Lil Mama up there posing.

Update on the winner in the Bronx is that 3 people have claimed to be the winner but so far the lottery in NYC hasnt confirmed anything to the public. One of the guys complained that he is now getting calls begging for money. Why did you say you are the winner before you had the money in hand? Of course you will get death threats and people begging for money. Its pretty obvious this guy doesnt read my blog or or he would know better.

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