Monday, September 14, 2009

Chris Myers loves Beyonce

Chris Myers always seemed really boring on ESPN and he has since moved onto Foxsports. So this past weekend he talked about a player going from the super bowl champion steelers to the detroit lions as "Going from dating Beyonce to dating Whoopi Goldberg." Its hard to attack this topic because some people hit him with the sexism thing and the racism thing but he was just dumb to think anyone would be cool with that comparison. You can say alot of things in private and they can seem like facts to any man with eyes but you cant say that publicly because its rude. I didnt see The View so I dont know if Whoopi ripped him a new one but she could easily attack him and almost end his chances of being any bigger than he is right now. Its not so much about being too sensitive and its ALOT more about most women in this country are alot closer to Whoopi than they are Beyonce in the looks department. Thats why more women relate to Oprah Winfrey than a Tyra Banks and its reflected in their ratings. The average american woman is a size 12 dress size.

Speaking of Tyra Banks I was flipping between her show and Maury Povich(paternity test day) in a failed attempt to avoid having to see and hear Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya talk NFL. Wendi Nix looks like Halle Berry compared to those two scratchy voiced women. Tyras show was about the states tha have legalized 16 year old strippers as long as they get home before the 11pm curfew. Of course tyra is doing her high horse thing looking down on a 16 year old girl when Tyra started modeling around the same age. I guess its ok for a teenage girl to be a model where two of the basic food groups is cocaine and nicotine. All the drugs and sex orgies Tyra saw and maybe got involved in are ok but any stripper of any age is making a messed up life decision. The girl went left completely when she said "sex for money" is an option down the road.

Honestly I have more respect for escorts/prostitutes than I do for some person who marries for money. At least with the prostitution everyone knows what the other wants and its more of a business transaction. The gold digging or gigolo type thing can end up with someone getting their heartbroken by lies and promises of love and faithfulness. Tyra knew that topic was crap thats why she only have it 30 minutes of her one hour show. Maury needs to send out tweets to cellphones so we will know when the DNA test is about to be read. He finally starting reading it before the commercial break because I kept forgetting to comeback or I would comeback to late and by then they have moved onto another couple. My biggest beef is with the guys who hear they are the father but then they hug the chick and smile like they won the lottery. Why are you so happy? Your wife/girlfriend is still a slore and now the whole country knows it which means she is more famous and will probably be cheating on you again now that she has more attention from guys. It doesnt matter if its you are or are not the father you should make your next move your best move and end that relationship with the cheater.

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