Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clear Your Name/Yeezy not a criminal

The past few nights Jane Velez Mitchell has taken her man hating to another level and she has declared a "War Against Women". One of the stories she lumped in with the murder at Yale was a story of a woman who claimed she was raped on a bathroom floor at Hofstra. JVM called the 5 men "monsters" and other names and she showed their faces everynight on the air. Other news organizations didnt show the faces because the men hadnt been convicted of anything. Well in a few hours I will see if JVM apologizes to these men because now the "victim" has changed her story. The police noticed her story kept changing and when the told her there was cellphone video of the incident she now admits that it was concentual sex with FIVE MEN at one time.

When people are found innocent it doesnt get the same coverage as the original story so I doubt JVM will even bring it up. She would have to change the show from War against women since made up stories like this and women blaming the wrong guy as the father of their child intentionally dont make national news. The poor guys cant file charges against this woman for ruining their names. For the rest of their lives when some employer,girlfriend or even their kids Google them they will see a rape incident first and maybe the retraction further down. Richard Jewel in atlanta was thought to be the bomber of the olympics in 1996 but he was found innocent. I cant remember the name of the real bomber but I remember Mr Jewels name. Thats why Richard Jewel won a lawsuit and he is living off that money because he would have a hard time getting another job in america. If a woman allows you to pay child support knowing its not your child you should be able to charge her with fraud and get some of that money back(in a perfect world). Just because those 5 guys chose to get freaky in a bathroom like Humpty Hump they shouldnt have had their faces shown all over the country and world by JVM until they were convicted. This rush to get news out is insane and violating many rights. JVM has a passion for hating men and she needs to issue an apology right away.

Speaking of apologies I never thought I would have anything bad to say about President Obama but he needs to apologize to Kanye West. President Obama knew he was miked up and knew he was being filmed but he called Kanye a "jackass" anyway. Kanye campaigned for him and performed at his inaguaration. KW name drops the president in many of his rhymes. Kanye has always done stuff like that at awards shows so President Obama knew what kind of guy he was before that taylor swift stuff. If he felt like he was a "jackass" he should have turned down his help in the election. I dont like anybody who is two faced and they are cool with asking for your money or your time to help them out but behind your bad they are calling you names. That was really shady and I was waiting for the media to ask the President about it but Jimmy Carter started talking about the south being full of racist people, so the media jumped all over that. I am from the south and live in the south so that isnt really news to me I wanted to know the presidents response to insulting Kanye just to look good in front of the reporters. I remember Bernie Mac(rip) introduced President Obama at a fundraiser and some of the people didnt like his material so President Obama ripped him right there in front of people. We didnt know how sick Bernie was and that he had risked him life just to show up and perform for the future president only to be ripped. Bernie died soon after that so I doubt the president apologized for turning on his supporter just to please that small crowd.

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