Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good tv?

Im watching "Rehab party at the hard rock"(court tv/tru tv) and this season is getting really bad now. Anytime I see Deebo I know its scripted so poorly that I think 3rd graders wrote it. Its ok for reality tv to be scripted but the stuff they have Deebo going through each week is insane and making me feel dumber for watching it. No matter how bad the writing gets you know its an hour of drunk sweaty women in bikinis so thats a positive in my book. The simpsons,cleveland show,family guy and american dad(fox) were all new sunday night but after that titans choke job(they have led in each of the 3 losses) I just fell asleep and missed the shows. Ill have to catch up on Hulu.com. First 48 also has new episodes.

Its "always sunny in philly"(FX) started back up too and when tv is just awful like it normally is I can watch football on the weekends. A new show called "2 months 2 million"(G4) gets you excited about playing online poker again. They rented out a mansion in vegas for the summer and they are trying to win 2 million in online poker in 2 months. They are in las vegas so they keep getting sidetracked by hot women who believe it or not are attracted to millionaires wow what a shocker. "South Park"(comedy central) and "Parking Wars"(A&E) will start up in october so watchable tv is finally around the corner.

"Surviving Disaster"(Spike Tv) is really good and its useful information just in case. Also on Spike im watching ultimate fighter for the first time ever and its ratings are higher than ever so others want to see Kimbo Slice as much as I do. Even if he loses they need to have him in the UFC because a fight between Kimbo and Brock Lesnar would be the biggest pay per view in MMA history. The show wont have the usual coaches fighting at the end because rampage jackson left ufc for good to play Mr. T on the "A team" remake. If the roles in hollywood dry up he may have to crawl back like Tito Ortiz had to do once he knocked up Jenna Jameson and needed more money.

Behind the Music with Bobby Brown didnt disappoint. The Lil Wayne one didnt tell me anything I didnt know but that Bobby Brown proved he is lucky to be alive. Bobby said he would see someone driving a car after a concert and he would buy the car with cash, drive it around all night and then leave it in whatever city it was. He doesnt know how many cities it happened in and cars he abandoned over the years. I watched a documentary on CNBC "Dirty Money" it was about high end prostitution and it was pretty good. It reruns october 6th at 9central10eastern. I dont believe the women who write the books and show their faces but the disembodied voices of women still working in the business online were very believable.

Update: I left off "Shark Tank"(ABC) its a good show. They had a show with George Foreman that was alot like this but it wasnt this good. Now they have one guy Kevin O leary who I think was on the Joan Rivers show "How did you get so Rich"(TV Land). The African American man on the show is one of the guys from FUBU. He keeps bragging about doing 6 billion in sales which is impressive but its 2009 homie and Dave Chappelle turned wearing FUBU in america into a punchline years ago. 6 billion is still alot of money. The powerball rolled over to 190 million so thats my best chance of getting rich like the FUBU guys "say" they are.


  1. Good piece, Lizzy. I might need to catch that Dirty Money doc. Documentaries on hookers are always Must See TV lol.

  2. Co-sign, its always must see tv with the worlds oldest profession,roffle.