Thursday, August 27, 2009

Start Dreaming Folks

The megamillions is 325 million for Friday August 28th. If you want to know if you are lucky enough to live in a state that sells megamillions or near one look at the list below. Its a federal offense to MAIL lottery tickets across state lines so if you have a friend or family member you want to buy tickets for you in another state be careful. Im in a lottery pool so we sent someone to georgia to get our tickets. Your tax responsibility also depends on what state you live in and what state you buy the ticket in because you have to pay taxes in both. Florida,Tennessee and Texas dont have a state income tax so those are great places to win the lottery and keep alot of it.

Ignorant Press Conference: Walk in with new tuxedo on and top hat. Playing Mike Jones"Back Then",Biggie Smalls"Juicy",All American Rejects"Gives You Hell",Nas"Hate me Now" and Biz Markie"Vapors". Read off list of people you want to front on who will never get a penny from you.

Smart Press Conference: No press conference or send your lawyer. Hire an actor to play you and claim it that way everyone is looking for him/her. You could stay home or pretend to be the lawyer or bodyguard for the actor. If you did that make sure the actor looks nothing like you and also another race would be smart. to ask for money and marry.One woman in Illinois I think knew the lottery wouldnt allow her to claim without a press conference so she showed up in a wig,shades and makeup done by a hollywood makeup artist. Some people arent sure she was really a woman because the make up was so good it could make Flava Flav look like Halle Berry.

-12 Megamillions states: Georgia,California,Illinois,Maryland,Massachusetts(RIP Ted Kennedy),Michigan,New Jersey,New York,Ohio,Texas,Virginia and Washington.

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