Tuesday, August 25, 2009


If you have money and power you rule the world especially this part of the world. The NFL and NCAA came together to stop Delaware from legalizing sports gambling. They just did it yesterday so Delaware will lose alot of money now because some people who normally would fly out to Las Vegas to be on sports were planning trips to Delaware during the college and pro football seasons.

The NCAA and NFL dont want anyone making more money off the athletes than they do. Unless of course they get their cut. Mike and Mike today OF COURSE said its not big deal you can always just gamble online. It was Mike"the thrill" Hill sitting in for greenberg but greeny would have said the same thing. Actually you cant gamble online because the government saw billions of dollars being won and loss without people paying taxes so Bush shut that down. If you are gambling online now be careful because your banks will snitch on you if you send or receive money from a gambling website.

The NFL gave approval for Lottery Scratch off tickets with NFL team names but the dont approve this Delaware gambling because they dont get a cut. They same way the NCAA the NBA say they are keeping kids in school for their own good,gtfoh. If they cared about the kids the graduation rate for athletes wouldnt be a joke. Even the one who do graduate dont always sound exactly articulate in interviews so Suzy and Becky probably did their homework for them and helped them cheat on tests.

Also here in the south the NCAA dropping the hand of "maino" down on Memphis is big news for two reasons but the main reason is how did they do it so fast?USC has been under investigation since Reggie Bush was there and still no penalty for them. Memphis gets hit fast and hard,no fishsticks. The NCAA has so many double standards its crazy because they know ESPN loves USC and the ratings and attendance at games are high for USC so they drag their feet and probably will never hit them with a death sentence. I predict a slap on the wrist for USC like the NFL gave the patriots.

They took away Delawares right to gamble on single games but at least they still have a lottery. If you win up there you have the option to remain anonymous. So you dont have to worry about family members and hustlers begging you for money unless you tell them or you pull up to church in your new porsche.

Stay positive with whatever you are doing in life because you never know what choices will make your dreams come true or cause you to live with regrets. Mike Jordan said he was an Adidas fan and he wanted to sign with them but they refused to see the bigger picture of their product selling in America and not just europe so they didnt offer him anywhere close to what Nike did. That mistake is what separates Nike from Adidas,McDonalds from Burger King and Coca Cola from Pepsi. There is nothing wrong with being number 2 overall but as Mel Brooks said,"Its good to the be the King."

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