Monday, August 24, 2009

Worlds biggest HDTV

I watched the Titans/Cowboys game and it was a blowout. I actually fell asleep it was so bad. The tickets I wanted were about a grand so instead of blowing that money on an exhibition game I decided to stay home and watch it. The game was also played in texas at the new stadium so I would have to add in the cost of driving down or flying down.

They will play the 2011 super bowl at this new place. The stadium is the best in the NFL for many reasons but the most noticeable thing is the worlds biggest HDTV hanging in the middle of the stadium. So after the game I thought Jeff Fisher would let us fans know that the defense stunk and the offense and everybody except Javon Ringer forgot to get off the plane. Instead Jeff Fisher is complaining about the punt that hit the big I can understand if you lose by 3 points or even 7 points but to lose by 20 points and act like that one play mattered is bologna. The height required by the league is 90 feet and the tv is 95 feet high so its way above the minimum. Before the game the punters for the Titans bragged about being able to hit that tv ever punt if they wanted to and the plan was to punt into it about 10 times if possible. Jerry Jones before the game told them to stop trying to intentionally hit it. So now Fisher is whining about the height now that his team lost.

Of course if that tv costs the cowboys a single yard during the regular season Jerry will raise it up until its visible in the next county. For now its just Fisher deflecting attention from the fact that haynesworth is gone so now NO defensive lineman on that Titans team commands a double or triple team. Now its one on one and the defensive lineman were tossed around by the Cowboys o-line. The offense was supposed to score fast and let Vince Young get a chance to come in and play but that didnt happen in the first half. Fisher is denying being worried publicly but he already admitted he would start Kerry Collins against the Browns in the 4th game of the exhibition season. Normally the 4th game i when starters rest up for the season. The running game except for Javon Ringer was bad and of course the receivers who couldnt catch anything last year are also dropping everything this year. For some reason Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher think this team didnt need a real number one receiver. The steelers players and fans are praying for week one to get here so they can run the ball right down the middle of the titans defense.

The local media is also following Fishers lead today. They spent the first two hours of the radio show talking about how the Cowboys stadium is too much and the tv is too bright(it was only at 20% brightness for the game). Jerry left off the star in the middle of the field he didnt have the tv at full capacity so its obvious he is saving more of the stadium for the regular season open and the local guys are full of it. If it was the titans stadium they would love it. Also in the first 2 hours they ripped Vince Young as playing so bad and not being a team player when he said,"Dont just point he finger at Vince." I dont blame Vince for saying that he didnt get into the game until the second half and Vince doesnt play defense. Vince wasnt missing tackles and getting blown off the line the entire first half. From now own Vince should give the generic Tiger Woods answers to questions because back when Tiger was candid a reporter printed an off the record joke and Tiger has never opened up again so Vince needs someone to tell him this local media hates him and they blame all loses on him even when he doesnt play.

Fisher has the nerve to say this years team will be better than last years. Last year the titans had the best record in the NFL and homefield advantage through the playoffs locked up. Fisher has to make alot of improvements and pray for his starters to stay healthy for his statement to come true.

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