Friday, July 31, 2009

GTA junior edition

First I need to say I dont have kids and my only experience watching kids is my nephew,cousins or kids I mentor or tutor. I just watched a video of a 7 year old boy who stole a car and drove it home to avoid going to church. Of course he should be punished in some way. This funny video brings up a good question, what age should you be able to choose where you want to go? Obviously he isnt 18 and cant get an apartment and job but he is old enough to know stealing a car is wrong and he knows spongebob isnt a real person. This is a bad look for the parents but an even worse look for the church. If kids steal cars to getaway from your house of worship you may want to shorten the service or turn up the air conditioner to bring people in from the heat of summer.

Whenever an athlete does something wrong there is always a parent there who sounds like Reverend Lovejoys wife on the Simpsons,"What about the children?" Kids know right from wrong and if you are expecting a church or an athlete to raise your kid you need to focus on your job as a parent. Tell your kid number one,"stop watching so much tv." Number two tell your kid,"The athlete or entertainer is an adult and they are choosing to do that or say that."

A child should learn values in the home anyway so if you are forcing your child to go to church when they dont want to you might end up with a rebel like Madonna. If the only memories your kid has of a religious private school or church are counting the hour until they have to leave then your efforts are already wasted. Im not saying give a minor child a beer and a stripper but if you give them a chance to choose their own way sometimes they might surprise you.

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