Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dont hate the player, hate the game?

Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine and was suspended from professional tennis. Somehow he in reinstated after telling them that he kissed a woman in the nightclub who passed the cocaine to him. This story sounds like a bad episode of (plug in name of any lame attempt at making a tv show recreate a pro sport). All I can say is dont hate the player hate the game I guess. With a mouth like that this guy should be paid more as a motivational speaker than Tony Robbins and Sarah Palin combined.

Powerball 27.6 mill lump sum after taxes for wednesday and Megamillions 15.8 milli after taxes for tuesday. August 3rd first Titans preaseason game and august 15th Titans first home preseason game. Any football will be good to rescue me from golf without tiger woods in contention and wnba games. Im also looking forward to this preseason because Vince Young will play alot because he is 2nd or 3rd string QB. I think he should be the starter but I dont run the team or coach the team I just help pay all the salaries like the other fans but we have no say in who starts or gets signed in free agency. We also have no say in whose number gets retired by the team but thats another post for another day. If I win the lottery I will sit in the same section at games but ill have (plug in any single woman who is an 8 on a scale of 1-10 in beauty) sitting next to me. I do want kids while im still young enough to keep up with them BUT right now on lifetime there is a movie called,"The Cheaters Club" about wives who are advised by their therapist to have affairs to save their boring marriages,WTH??? As my old boss used to say I dont want to be put in a trick bag(translation) I dont want to be made to look like a fool. Getting cheated on as a boyfriend is bad and hurts but once you are married there is custody hearings and even if she cheated you can lose half your loot depending on what state you are in. If this poor guy is so boring to you now why dont you do him and yourself a favor and leave him so you can both be single. You arent doing him a favor by cheating. Cheating is all about pleasing you, it doesnt make you a better wife or mom. Im not a fan of hypocrites who hide selfish acts as them doing someone else a big favor.

Bill Simmons mailbag>>>anything else on espn except maybe mnf on mute

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