Sunday, July 12, 2009

Origin of Name

Someone emailed me asking the origin of my name. He admitted he was drunk reading the comments over at xxl and he thought about why the heck would I name myself geico lizard? The answer is I was on hhdx and my friends kept recognizing my funny comments. They would say,"Man I know thats you on hhdx talking about you are still in love with your ex and stuff" or "I saw you talking about how angel lola luv cant hold a candle to vanessa williams or kenya moore". So I decided to change my username and much like batman seeig a bat on his window or falling down a well into a batcave it depends on what version you read or saw first(nerd alert). I saw an add for geico insurance at the top and thats what I chose.

Some people have copied the name and even became family members like the "geico lizards dad" username over on byroncrawford,ha ha. One person thought I worked for geico and I was some genius advertiser try to reach urban youth, ha ha, I wish i was drawing a check from geico that would be cool but for now im trying to avoid putting their name into to too many controversial statements. If they want to pay me Id go for that but no Geico tattoos for me.

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