Thursday, July 23, 2009

ESPN=Foxnews(Big Ben and Erin Pageviews)

(update 1:05pm ESPN just reported on Ben because Ben had a press conference to address it)
Every post is going to be about ESPN if they dont start covering sports more fairly. They say they are journalists but they cover stories and dont cover stories depending on their best financial interest. Ben Roethlisberger is being sued in civil court for sexual assault and Erin Andrews was recorded nude in her hotel room. These are huge stories but ESPN sent out an internal memo not to cover the stories or take any calls.

Erin Andrews I can understand not covering that much because she is an ESPN employee and it was possibility an ESPN employee who took the footage. Big Ben(no fishsticks) on the other hand is just an athlete and suddenly ESPN doesnt cover civil matters. I suggested it had something to do with Ben appearing on the ABC show with Shaq. "Sleep" over on NR said that it would help ratings but I really think ESPN is worried it would hurt ratings to see Shaq tossing a football around with a possible rapist. Now that I think about it the Lakers ratings didnt suffer when Kobe was balling post colorado hotel case so maybe "Sleep" is right.

The only thing about ESPN's crap of an excuse is that we have seen them cover A-rod(no fishsticks) through a divorce and possible Madonna affair. Isaiah Thomas was in a civil trial that ESPN covered relentlessly and helped run him out of the NBA. The pacman jones tip drill type video was shown for no journalistic purpose at all it didnt show any illegal activity but ESPN flips when the NY Post shows clips of ERIN. The good thing is maybe Lupica wont be on sports reporters anymore talking about nothing on his high horse. He probably has a contract with ESPN to be there no matter what ban happens to his paper. T.O. maybe attempting suicide. Vince Young maybe having a breakdown but none of that stuff seems to have more sports importance than a rape case or Ben. Even a rape case should be important at least to the fantasy football fix if Ben needs to be in another state for a trial and misses practice or maybe even a game(all games arent on sunday or monday anymore, the nfl network is evil) .

The reason I said ESPN is like Foxnews is because Fox decides what is news and what their type of viewers want to see and hear. It is no coincidence that Dick Cheney wanted Foxnews on every tv of the hotel room he stays in. Bill Oreilly is on a network where everyone thinks like him and he manages to stick out. People like Joe Scarborough,Maria Bartiromo and Pat Buchanan stay on MSNBC and CNBC because their anti-President Obama views will stick out over there. If they were on Fox we wouldnt know who were because Big Fish in small pond is better than small fish in Big pond. Plus Maria used to be considered hot but 99% of the women on Fox are former beauty queens and about 10 years younger than Maria so she knows to stay put(erin burnett is on her heels). How this relates to ESPN is Bill O showed the Erin Andrews peephole vid last night. Of course he was railing against it while showing it and then he had two attractive blondes to talk about the nude blonde we just saw. The same way the NFL fines people for touchdown celebrations but has them in the video game. The same way ESPN can say they are reporting only "real" sports news but they give us updates on that crappy Superstars show on ABC like its a real sport. We are lucky we have the internet or we may not know about what ESPN isnt reporting and not considering real news.

They showed the LeBron video last night and today on ESPN. Im supposed to believe that is worthy of coverage on ESPN but Ben and Erin are not. They have a thing called Blog Buzz where they list the top 5 sports buzz online. Of course Ben and Erin have not been on it all week long for ESPN. In reality they are in the top 4 buzz on every search engine that tracks buzz. I can remember one time on Blog Buzz they listed Hannah "im way too old to be dressing like this"Storm in the top 5 and of course the buzz was about what she was wearing. Mike Greenberg said he is an entertainer not a reporter so he can getaway with saying what he wants and not covering every story. Greeny(no fishsticks) also uses that entertainer excuse to getaway with openly being a jets fan while still covering NFL on a daily basis with what should be an objective point of view. Wilbon name dropping celebrities he gets to hug(rofl)and getting into places for free shows the line is blurry between reporters not understanding what fans have to go through to afford our seats every year and when our team loses. Mike Wilbon is friends with Barkley,Jordan and Tiger Woods so when a negative story comes up about them on PTI Wilbon is on the verge of another heart attack if you dont kiss his friends asses(no fishsticks). Damn this is getting long folks Ill wrap it up.*man in back holds up Chappelle "wrap it up" box*

Right now Colin Cowherd is yelling about Michael Vick being a bad decision maker because he went to a strip club with Allen Iverson when he got out of jail. After almost 2 years in jail most guys would be on their way to live in a Las Vegas brothel until they ran out of money. Again someone is downplaying prison. Going to a strip club is not illegal so I dont know why ESPN keeps covering athletes in strip clubs as some crime. Rape is a crime and recording a nude woman without consent is a crime but its too bad ESPN doesnt know that or chooses when those will be considered crimes.

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