Friday, July 24, 2009

Surviving Plane Crashes

I just watched a highly overrated safety video for a New Zealand airlines and it made me think about how plane crashes are almost certain death. Sully in the Hudson was a real modern day miracle that convinced alot of people you can live through plane crashes. Of course it is possible just like its possible I will win the 88 million dollar powerball saturday night but the odds are 1 in 195,249,054 that I will. So many things like no ferrys and clear weather had to happen for Sully to save all of those lives and when his book comes out I will buy it.

Before that happened DJ Am and Travis Barkers plane went off the runway and only they survived. They didnt drop out of the sky into a building they just burst into flames and continued to burn because of the full tank of fuel. Just imagine the odds of living through a flight that actually took off.

I have heard about the odds of dying in a car crash are better than dying in a plane crash but there are alot more cars on the road a day than planes in the air. Odds tend to throw people off if the number is smaller than they thought it would be. The head between your legs the seat cushions the oxygen masks to give you a high before you die they all work together to help you feel safer. The oxygen high is more of a humane thing like when people ask if their relative suffered before they died. The person is still dead but it makes some feel a little better to know they didnt suffer too much.Even in the completely unrealistic crash in "Castaway" only one person survived. (My favorite scene in "Castaway"is when they bring up the Titans/Rams superbowl....but uh back to dying a fiery death folks.)

With all that said you may ask if I go John Madden/Tony Kornheiser and drive everywhere so the answer is "No" I actually have flown. I think it has been 50 or more flights over the course of my life. Even if I did panic or worry it wouldnt matter I always fall asleep on flights longer than 30 minutes so we are back on the ground by the time I wake up. I stayed awake one time to flirt with a woman but I should have chosen sleep because she wasnt really that into me, no bad book and movie.

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