Friday, July 17, 2009


Did we land on the moon? This is one of those things I never questioned growing up like religion but now I wonder. Some new photos and footage has been released that was never seen before of the first moon landing. 40 years and no one thought to release it? The Michael Jackson footage of his hair on fire was just released but im sure that was more of a pepsi not wanting bad press and the insurance company not wanting to lay blame.
At the time with sputnik and the space race I can understand why we may have lied. Im on the winning team(usa) so Im happy. The biggest thing is technology has come so far in 40 years but we dont have the civilian vacation trips now. Why havent we been back more recently? We have ipods,hdtv,internet,viagra and so many other things then why havent we been back more recently? It should be like a trip across the country to us now because its so easy.
I dont know if we really got there or not but this is the 40 year anniversary and im happy to be an american because if I lived anywhere else my life wouldnt be as good. Now that im on the winning team of being an American I am ready to get on the winning team of winning millions in the lottery. I have my megamillions for tonight and my powerball for saturday. The cash payout is 11.7 million for megamillions and 23.1 for powerball. I want the cash payout and not annuities because I dont want my money now I want my money right now. Stay thirsty my friends.

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