Monday, July 27, 2009

Sites I visit

These arent all the sites I visit but these are the ones off the top of my head and an explanation why I visit and you may want to visit. -This website is unique because Ron has fun with anything not just hip hop. He also writes on Ron has really shined on every site he wrote for so it makes sense that he has his own site now. The name caught my attention initially because its the name Mike Vick allegedly used when trying to get "medical" attention in Mexico. Jim Rome has fun with names like this. Jim calls Michael Jordan"45" and Tiger "Eldridge". Most of those people dont come on his show so it may be a way of luring them to visit his radio or tv show. Other alleged names used by celebs during possible crimes:
Kobe Bryant in Eagle,Co=Javier Rodriguez
Plaxico Burris in NYC=Harris Smith I was on and one commentor told an infamous story about the Howard Stern show and I clicked on his name after reading the story. Amp like ronmexicocity covers what he wants and when he wants. He posted support for LeBron James but even as a fan of his play on the court Amp stepped up to call out LBJ about Nike hiding the dunked on tape. Nike has since released the footage and it was nothing like they made it out to be. Amp also is the one who encouraged me to start up a blog of my own. Is a site I clicked on through because he had a review of a tv show I hadnt seen. The sites name is a combination of Stern(howard stern),hip hop and booty. Shabooty has alot of fun with his cam around town and he posts the classic howard stern interviews. I go straight to the gossip section and read what Illseed writes. I also click through to Illseeds site if he has up something new. Illseed does the rumors in a way where he tries to not show bias. If he does show bias he will respond to your email directly to you or in his next post and let you know what he meant or to let you know to just chill out and not take life so seriously. I think I got banned from this site for wild comments or my comp just messes up when I try to post. This site has Dallas Penn,Bol/Byroncrawford and Ron Mexico together with fresh material. I normally end up reading all 3 of their posts and commenting(kind of addictive). Thats how I ended up on their individual sites. Im also a member of the comments section social group known as "The Commission".Xxl having all 3 bloggers with this much talent is like when the cowboys had aikman,irvin and smith(emmitt smith was lucky to have that o-line because he was an average back and barry sanders would have 3000 yards a season behind that same line).
"Commission!!!" think this is the first site I made a comment on but it could have been allhiphop. This was the first site I started commenting daily because they had good stories,blogs and "brains and beauty" was epic at one time. The layout has changed and I think Im too lazy to scroll down to the blogs anymore. is probably the most controversial blogger I visit. I skip over the negative President Obama posts but most of his other stuff is funny and clever. The comments section is very "opinionated". have been banned from commenting on this site so I know its not my comp messing up,rofl. I still visit because They cover somethings ESPN wont cover or ESPN has to wait until they can confirm it with two sources. The commentors arent as funny as they were before the comment ninjas took alot of them out, so it would be a nicer site for sponsors.

-Bill Simmons is on page 2 sports guys world at His mailbag is the funniest stuff he does(I keep trying to get in there)but he has deeper posts you can read. Simmons is also writing a book or maybe he is working on his second book. I respect him admitting that maybe Manny was on roids with the red sox and he also understands that the patriots may have cheated on all 3 super bowls so even as a die hard fan he admits the faults of his teams. Mchales biggest GM move was hooking up his old team with KG to lead them to a title. I know one book is about the red sox winning so he can die happy and the other one is about basketball I think(dont do posts while you are sleepy). you have read a few of these post here you know I have given up on most of my lifes dreams but I do throw a few dollars a week at one of my last dreams and thats the lottery. This site is the best one I have found online to answer any lottery questions and you can get results for any lottery on earth,I think. Around election time the site got REALLY political and I dont go to that site for that. Todd the guy who runs the place encouraged others to put political thoughts in the blog area and not the normal lottery area. an interesting site all around. They post alot of music you cant find anywhere else and "Eskay" the owner of the site will come into the comments section and talk for hours with people. The reason I try to make it a final stop or near a final stop is because the comments are so entertaining and move at fast pace. The fast pace causes the comments to add up so if I cant check it for a day there may be 500 comments broken up over 20 posts. The sites comments can also have what Fifty Cent refers to often as "aggressive content." I stay away from making fun of the other commentors even if they take a shot at me but I will make fun of celebs/rappers because they are famous so they dont have feelings or a soul and they wont care. Sometimes when Im really busy like today I kept peaking in but I didnt type anything because if I cant sit there and keep up with the pace I would just get in the way.
This site and the link below it is where one person makes picks if you want to buy them*hint hint*. Right now the only sport to choose from is Baseball but that "person" is more accurate during the pro and college football and basketball season. Actually Baseball picks havent been too bad and the prices are competitive. If you to the first link you can start your own site and make picks and sell them. You can buy that "persons" picks and sell them for a profit on your own. old comp messes up and I cant get to this sit as much as I want but Combat Jack has amazing stories. CJ is like talking to an ex football player about his days in the NFL. The stories are good about the music industry but attorney client privilege stops him from giving us the wildest stories about famous folks in music. Charlie Murphys true hollywood stories would look like sesame street compared to the stuff CJ is holding back from us.

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