Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mission Statement

On Jerry Maguire they kept asking him what he meant by his letter and he kept saying it was a "mission statement". My point of this blog or what I wanted to become is like a bill simmons meets Bol(less controversial by a mile but still try to be cleverly funny).

Ampgeez made the suggestion for me to start it and his site is goo and he posts when he wants and what he wants so I like that style too. Shabooty makes it clear in his name what most of his topics wil consist of and he prefers the comedic route just like me. Bill Simmons ,Ron Mexixo,Combat Jack,Bol and Dallas Penn have their styles down so you know it was written by them when you read it even without checking to see who wrote it.

I dont think I am as funny here as in the comments sections so maybe im more of a power forward who needs people to pass him that topic(ball) so he can score instead of creating his own shot. Maybe I just take a different approach here because I can type more and I have more time. Its really up to you the reader to decide how you feel about me.
Stay thirsty my friends(if you thought that joke would get old to me by now then you dont know me very well).

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