Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was listening to a Howard Stern interview posted on Shabooty and he mentioned he signed a prenup for this marriage. He talked about never getting married again so when he did im glad love didnt blind him. Usher is going through a mess divorce and now he wishes he listened to his mom and others before marriage. Like most people when im in love I think a prenup is so tacky and you cant really love them if you are predicted a failure. Right now since im single with no prospects and marriage and kids seems damn near impossible I can think clearly about marriage is also a contract and you need to protect yourself just in case you fall into that 55% divorce rate in this country. If a miracle happens and I win the lottery or fall in love(both would equal marriage and kids within a year of them happening) sometime soon im sure ill delete this post or write another post saying only positive things about love and negative things about prenups.

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