Sunday, July 19, 2009

ESPN vs LeBron

ESPN confiscated the Mike and Mike roast video but now they are making fun of Nike for not releasing the LeBron getting dunked on video. I agree that the video should be released and LeBron should have a sense of humor about it but I also think the Dana Jacobson rant video footage should be out there. ESPN as usual acts like some hypocrites by making fun of LeBron and Nike for their power move with the video. Most people would have been fired for what Dana Jacobson said.

Someone said I hate ESPN but I dont hate ESPN. I enjoy the work of Bill Simmons,Jemele Hill,Kenny Mayne, Anthony Kim,Mike"the thrill"Hill,The Jay guy on Firsttake but I dont like Firsttake I like first and ten. PTI when its tony and mike is good and Around the Horn when Jay Marriotti isnt there. Hate is a very strong word I wouldnt throw it around to describe how I feel about a network.


  1. excellent point on dana jacobson FTW vs. the mystery dunk. they threw stones from the greenhouse there.

    i know it's not saying much, but... i hate ESPN. i pretty much hate anything disney. that's not to say they couldn't come to their senses and pay me one of these days. because i'd take that nazi money and run.

    we need more comment as options overe here, GL!


  2. Thanks for commenting and any help or advice you can add just let me know.

  3. Looking real nice over here Lizzie.

    Keep doin your thing Fam.

  4. Thanks Amp, I can see this blogging thing looked easier than it really was.