Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creationism versus Evolution

Well this isnt a religious article or an atheist article. I was just thinking(pretty dangerous) and I decided to write my thoughts down. With the celebrity deaths alot of people wonder "What happens when we die?" Killing yourself is a really bad idea(understatement of the century) since we dont know for certain what happens after death. I have to admit I was raised a Christian and I still am one but I dont go to church wednesday and sunday as much as I used to. I can do another post about "Snakes in the Pulpit" draining 400 billion out of the community in tithes since 1980. Tax free mansions,cars,private jets and vacations all from our tithes we put in the baskets (plates got too small for all the money)and faith that a better day and blessing is coming to us if we give our last dimes. But I digress...

One of the questions that made Sarah Palin an easy target was her believing the earth is only a few thousand years old according to the bible. Dinosaur bones are believed to be millions of years old. You cant always trust science because I saw a case where a psycho froze her husbands body so the coroner couldnt tell how long he had actually been dead. If watching enough CSI can help fool science then maybe they are wrong about dino bones too. Also crooks fake paintings and documents they say are from hundreds of years ago that the experts and science is fooled by everyday. (So does this mean Mozart didnt really sign my new Ipod shuffle?)

I was watching "Harvey Birdman" and the evolution episode was on. He mentioned male nipples,appendix and tonsils as evidence of evolution. It doesnt make sense that God would give us extra parts. Some males do lactate(covered in venture brothers and king of the hill episodes). Also some of us like our nipples so even if they arent feeding a crying child like Salma Hayek did(she was an angel in that clip) but some men arent complaining and actually enjoy their own nips for fun, no fishsticks.*clears throat* Moving right along....

The thing about Jesus is Christians have to live by faith that all of that actually happened. It is the same as never finding out the truth about Santa Claus,the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy except its for adults who were raised with God or Jesus as their belief. Some of it may not add up but the parts that dont make sense or cant be proven you are asked to go on faith to believe in them. Most of the stories we hear were actually told long before Jesus was born or credited with that miracle. They didnt have the technology to record stories like we have now so its been word of mouth for over two thousand years now. Its easier to expose a David Koresh as not being God because of our technology and as DL Hughley said, "why would Jesus need glasses?"

If most of us are wiped out one day and only a few dvds and dvd players are left over for aliens(who knows) or the future people millions of years in the future watch Superman they may think its a documentary of a real man who flew around saving people. Superman churches would pop up all over the planet to worship the man from krypton and await his second coming. The same way we look at hieroglyphics and wonder if it says aliens help build the pyramids when it was more likely millions of slaves dying while building them.

Also in a show called, "Left Out of the Bible" they mention stories and books of the bible that were reviewed and left out. If the bible is the word of God how could men omit books like that? If I was handling what I truly believed was Gods word I wouldnt touch it unless I was translating it in its entirety.

Now that is most of the up in the air stuff as far as science or atheists. On the God side their had to be alot of coincidences that had to fall into place for there not to be a higher power. Planets are circling the Sun for millions of years and never bumping into it or each other. This evolution happens only on this planet and not on the others from what we can see on their surfaces. If evolution did happen on other planets before us where are they now and why didnt they visit us and stay?

The entire soul and conscience sounds like something someone could have made up instead of crediting critical thinking about what is right and wrong based on social acceptance. I dream, sometimes bad and some are good but my dog also rolls around barking and farting in his sleep too so his dreams must be eventful.

The only thing both sides of the argument can agree on is that you will know once you are dead the answer to "What happens when you die?" Right now I believe there are two options: You will close your eyes and thats it fade to black like when you go to sleep and dont dream or you forgot your dream. The second one is you wake up waiting in line for Heaven, Hell, Purgatory or to find out which person or animal you will be reincarnated into. I have no clue which is correct but I try to live by the golden rule anyway. There are times when I felt all alone in this world and there have been times when I felt blessed and like God was watching over me and blessing me so in those times as a Christian I thanked Jesus.

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