Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let Vick out the Doghouse

Like most people I dont condone what Vick did but he has paid his debt to society. I dont think some people understand how bad prison is. They arent adding extra stuff into the tv shows and movies just to scare you straight they are normally leaving the worst stuff out. It is really bad in there. Vick did almost 2 years and that enough time for what he did. If an NFL team wants to hire him then thats their business but PETA loves publicity so they will be out there to protest. IF they really felt that passionate about Vick they would have protested him at the construction site he works at. There are no cameras there so PETA doesnt feel the need to stretch their hamstrings out in front of that place.

The latest report from Chris"I make stuff up"Mortenson and Sal"the titans have made a draft day offer for anquan boldin"Palantonio is that Roger Goodell will meet with Vick and allow him to be signed by a team an attend camp. I would be shocked if Goodell does that but if he does maybe I can change my opinion of him for awhile or at least until he starts changing even more rules to guarantee his best friend Bob Krafts Patriots always make the playoffs and Tom Brady never gets his jersey dirty or breaks a sweat.

Roger Goodells wife Jane Skinner works for Foxnews so its not a shock that he is very conservative and strict(except with the Patriots).The two stews called him Goodell Castro and someone in the stands here called him GOD-dell but he has been playing God with certain players lives and contradicting himself with stricter punishments for players than clubs. The one good thing he changed was having kids out of wedlock doesnt look so bad for us guys now that Tom Brady did it. ESPN has stopped doing an outside the lines report everytime a babymomma gets bored and says something negative about an athlete. They have to protect Tom Brady. I need Brady to start playing the Lottery so I can finally be ahead of a cool trend instead of always being 4 years late on trends like Europe.


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