Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millionaire versus Billionaire

I watched an interview with the same guy who wrote "Bringing down the house" and his new book is about young billionaires like the Youtube guys and the Facebook guy. The facebook guy is the youngest self make billionaire in american history at 25. They said he didnt like money but if thats true I would have received my,"Hey dude I hate money so im giving what I dont need away a million at a time"check(im still up to receive that if you want to send it kind sir).
So being the dreamer that I am I wondered if I wanted to be a billionaire or a millionaire. So many pro athletes are millionaires and they go broke trying invest to be become the first one to hit the billion mark. Antoine Walker owes 3 casinos in vegas 832,000 but they reported he made 100 million in his career(see my other post about reporting salaries). Of course vegas casino floors are the type of investment im talking about normally but some lawyers and accountants have to be financially set from working for walker for 12 years and now he is in need. It could be his own doing but try to slow him down if you can. Like any other person it eventually falls at your feet what you do with your money. Depending on the economy Tiger Woods could hit the billion mark in earnings by next season. The author also mentioned the facebook billionaire now has friends he would have never had and he is in the cool crowd who would have never been with him in high school.
Fair weather friends dont bother me after I win the lottery or marry a rich woman*clears throat*. The thing that really bothers me is maybe the whole safety issue. I wouldnt be as paranoid as a millionaire but a billionaire is in Forbes at least twice a year on that list and criminals also see that. Bill Gates cant just pop up places and even a fun loving frat boy like Mark Cuban has to watch his steps closely. I have met any millionaires and they acted like any regular person in the suburbs would act. I sat next to one at the titans game and im sure there are many more in every section,club,nosebleeds and of course the private boxes. A frugal millionaire may not want to pay extra for better seats or like with the titans 100 level you hang around until halftime and most of the people around you are buying strangers beer anyway so you all are friends for 3 hours(sports breaking down racial and social barriers again*sheds tear*)
With me being single and not having kids I would be a great target for a woman who wants to use me. In a perfect world you meet your spouse before you are rich so you know the dont just want you for money or you both have money so its not an issue. Marriage is really getting beat up lately so that is a long shot but I definitely want kids. A surrogate would be an issue too because what if she changes her mind and wants the kids or what if when the kids grow up they are mad that I chose that route. I grew up in a two parent household so it wouldnt seem fair to force kids to grow up in a single parent household by my own choice when I have no experience in that department.
I notice I use "() and **" too much. Moving right along. So maybe the desire to stay at millionaire status is just fear to succeed or maybe its the smart thing to do. Then again if I moved to vegas Im sure I would knock the billions down to millions in a few months but the memories would be priceless.

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