Thursday, October 8, 2009

You are not ready for a game show

I was flipping between Court tv and Bernie Mac and I caught a glimpse of something shocking on Family Feud.

Host: "Name a city famous for music?"
Contestant whose race will remain anonymous:"Florida!!!"
Host:"I dont know if Florida is famous for music or if it is a city now but show me Florida"
Incorrect Buzzer:"Buzz,Hell no,Buzz"

Honestly if they put up "DUMBASS" in big red letters on the screen I wouldnt have minded at all.
Let me breakdown the comedy of the "Fail" and what he meant which even im ashamed to admit I know. Im assuming he meant to say Miami. Even if he meant Miami I think he meant Uncle Luke,2 Live Crew,Trick Daddy and Trina type music. This isnt BET man Family Feud isnt thinking that way. Even if he was thinking of the latin music down there the islands of origin would get more credit for the music than a city in Florida. The only reason this is so funny and you have to hunt it down on youtube(when someone smarter than me puts it up) is because the host of the Family Feud is that J Peterman guy from seinfeld. The look on his face when he said that line should win him 3 emmy's.

You dont have to be a genius to go on a game show but make sure before you go that you consider your audience and the best answers to win. You also dont have to be a genius to play the lottery and that has been proven by the 97% of people who win millions and are broke 3 years later. The megamillions is 145 million and the powerball is down to 25 million.

The jets traded for Braylon Edwards. So the 3-1 NY Jets can trade after only one loss but the Titans are sticking with what they have after opening up 0-4? Thanks for nothing Jeff Fisher(I reserve the right to change my opinion if a miracle happens and they make the playoffs and win).

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