Tuesday, October 13, 2009

0-5 is a joke/Goodell wants Limbaugh

The titans are 0-5 and I had to watch this blowout in person sunday night. Fisher put Vince Young in once the game was basically over and he put Lendale White in with him instead of Chris Johnson. Titans fans want to see Vince Young and Chris Johnson in the same backfield with their speed not the same lineup from 2008.

Goodell came out to say owners shouldnt say anything negative about Limbaugh. Goodells wife works as an anchor/reporter for Foxnews and Limbaugh is a god to them so the writing is on the wall that this deal will get close to going through. The owners are rich and some even Billionaires so most people with that amount of money are republicans because they believe in helping the rich get richer and stay rich. The San Diego Chargers owner and team have donated more money to the republican party than any other NFL team. Sharpton popped up in this now so I dont know if that will motivate people to support Limbaugh or go against him. Sharpton was last seen hosting WWE Monday Night Raw as the fans decided to boo him. I dont know how this will turnout but it is an interesting story.

You lucky people in Massachusetts,Michigan,Texas and Maryland will be getting Powerball to go with your Megamillions jackpots next year. It would be nice if Tennessee had both multi state games so I could save gas instead of driving to georgia or illinois for tickets when the megamillions is high. Right now powerball is 30 million and megamillions is 170 million.

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