Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anti Semitism>>>Racism?

I was watching PTI today and Tony Kornheiser was talking about how Rush Limbaugh isnt a bad guy and should be able to buy the St Louis Rams. He said it wasnt a big deal what Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb that eventually got Rush fired from ESPN. Of course Mike Wilbon smiled and agreed with him but Mike is so mad when a young black athlete skips college to go pro and become a millionaire(has nothing to do with this topic but just shows you what a horses ass and sellout wilbon is). Tony and Wilbon dont think racism exists anymore because he also defended Bruce Pearl a few weeks ago when Pearl made a joke about a member of team being in the KKK or related to people in the KKK. I didnt think it was funny or cute because I live in Tennessee(same state Pearl was talking about) and I dont think there is anything funny about lynchings and cross burnings and other murders the KKK have admitted to and promise the world they will do more of.

Kornheiser said Pearl is welcome on his show for life and its just a coach with "personality". I remember a group who had ties to Nazis 70 years ago tried to buy the rights to Giants stadium recently and Kornheiser talked about that for 2 weeks and eventually the deal fell through because Jews in NYC shut it down. I really want to win the 100 words on Deadspin so I can blast Kornheiser and ESPN for being so relaxed on racism against blacks but anything they think is anti semitism they are allover that. Pearl is jewish just like Kornheiser and so is the heavyset and infamous Dana Jacobson who was given a pass and kept her job for saying "F-Jesus" and other offensive things to Christians(ESPN DOESNT CARE ABOUT CHRISTIAN PEOPLE). I think both racims and anti semitism are still alive but if you work for ESPN unless it offends you directly then you think everyone else is just too sensitive. Bobby Bowden was asked a question by a female reporter and he said,"Just like a woman" so of course ALL the women at ESPN now are calling him an old sexist. When you as an ESPN employee get offended thats all that matters at ESPN so this network keeps getting more powerful and more evil. So to wrap this up ESPN thinks racism is dead and black men are too sensitive and need to get a sense of humor but sexism and anti semitism is alive and well,gtfoh. All 3 still exist in some form but ESPN only wants them to work to their benefits.

UPDATE: All that crap ESPN said about not covering Erin Andrews or Ben Roethlisberger because of the legal case has been proven wrong again because Miguel Cabrera had a wild weekend with no charges filed and ESPN covered it. Also Braylon Edwards had an incident that he allegedly punched Lebron James friend with no charges filed but ESPN didnt mind reporting both of these rumors the next day like facts but when they had the EA and Ben cases they ignored them for a long time to protect the possibility her tapes implicated ESPN insiders and Ben was the first guest on Shaq's show on ABC(under the disney umbrella with ESPN). ESPN has so many conflicts of interest and you cant trust anything they say because they will omit whatever will cost them money or bad press. The internet is the only place sports fans can locate the truth because ESPN wont give it to us.

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