Friday, October 9, 2009

Limbaugh hits roadblock

A few NFL players are saying they wouldnt want to play for Rush Limbaugh if he buys the Rams. This is big news because Tiger Woods who never stands up for anything has made a billion dollars(before taxes) over the course of his career. That kind of news plus Michael Jordan before him never taking a stand makes alot of athletes want to stay as marketable as possible. By "marketable" that usually means doing backflips,tap dancing and smiling more than Cuba Gooding Jr during an Oscar speech and in every movie he made since Boyz N the Hood.

A player cant help it if he is drafted by a Limbaugh owned team but they can avoid going there as free agents and if drafted they can leave when the contract is up. I watched PTI and Wilbon took the stand against Rush owning a team. Wilbon pointed out that people keep talking about the McNabb comments only but Rush makes offensive comments against blacks everyday especially the current president. Playing the "Barack The Magic Negro"song,"The NFL is like Crips and Bloods fighting without weapons", are just a few of his insulting comments. Rush also told a black caller to take the "bone" out of his nose.

Kornheiser trotted out the "if you meet him in person he is so charming" lame excuse but Wilbon stood his ground and shocked me. Kornheiser admitted he was impressed to see athletes coming out swinging on real issue like Jim Brown and Ali used to. In the 80's and 90's the pro players just wanted to shoe deal and commercial so they didnt want to ruffle any feathers by having an opinion. Jordan really influenced Tiger Woods because Jordan famously said "Why should I care about Dr. King I never met the man?" and he also said "Republicans buy shoes too." Which of course is true all political parties buy shoes but "no comment" makes you sound like less of a jackass.

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