Thursday, October 15, 2009

Limbaugh dumped

Limbaugh was dumped from his group who put in a bid to buy the Rams. Rush turned it around and said he is a victim and this was an order from the White House. That makes no sense when Goodell is so conservative along with his wife and most of the owners in the league. Rush Limbaugh knows what to say to get press to cover him and of course im talking about him too.

Wisconsin won the powerball last night so its back down to 20 million but that megamillions is still 200 million for friday night. A woman in Ohio with a mental illness started a riot in Burlington Coat Factory when she said she would pay for any persons items under $500 because she just won the lottery and didnt want the money. She pulled up in a limo so that had people fooled but the limo driver took her to the bank and found out she was lying so he called the cops. People ran out of the store with stolen goods after the hoax was revealed. After such a great lottery story yesterday about the powerball and megamillions selling in the same state in 2010 and probably the biggest one I have heard since tennessee getting the lottery. Its unfortunate to hear a story like this but its more about mental illness and the need to get treatment to those in need than it is a lottery story.

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