Saturday, October 31, 2009

UT Black Jerseys

The titans are 0-6 but finally the owner forced jeff fisher to start vince young so we will see if vince can save the season again like he did his rookie year. Fisher waited until thursday to announce vince the starter so instead of 2 weeks for vince to get ready he has 2 days as the official starter so he is being set up to fail so fisher can try to say." I told you so." Ill be there probably in the rain sunday so Go Titans!!!

The Tennessee Vols are wearing their black jerseys tonight and they look really good. I may actually buy one they look so good. Lane Kiffin was name dropped in a Lil Wayne mixtape song and the people of this state love football so much they put the lil wayne name drop in the paper. They said it may help Kiffin with recruiting and Kiffin already thanked lil wayne. The titans had some special red jerseys years ago but they never wore them so it would be nice to see them rock something new anything but those cursed oiler jerseys they keep throwing back to. Kiffins wife was the topic of an internet lie that said she would pose in a sports illustrated swimsuit issue. She denied it but alot of guys around the country were hoping it was true. As soon as their plane touched down for his press conference this year Kiffins wife was one of the top ten hottest women in the state.

I was in the Dollar General store today balling out of control like I always do,rofl, and I noticed a Tennessee Lottery machine. The lotteries across the world cry foul whenever people say they target the poor but come on how else can you explain it in a Dollar store? I bet there are no lotto machines in upscale stores with valet parking and with fresh rose petals on your way to the dressing room. I dont see it as wrong or illegal it may be morally or ethically wrong but I just want them to admit they do it. Poor people wont stop playing if they admit it just like the rich wont stop playing out of guilt of not really needing the money.

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