Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My Super Bowl pick is the packers versus the titans with the titans winning. Chuck Klosterman had the same choice on Bill Simmons podcast so he is cool with me now for picking the titans on such a public scale. Skip Bayless picked the Titans and Cowboys to play in the Super Bowl. They called Skip a homer because he went to Vanderbilt which is in nashville just like the Titans and Skip covered the Cowboys. I dont care why Skip did it I am just happy he did. Drew Magary of Deadspin and some other places picked the Titans/Saints for the Super Bowl. I like Drews Mailbag on Deadspin so go there and support him and any other stuff he does. He picked the saints to win it but at least he picked the Titans to go. Go Titans!!!

I finall tried the dipping my fries in a Wendy's Frosty. Im a tough critic of fast food so I cant say that I loved it. I will try it again because it may have to grow on me with the sweet and salty mixture like Kettle Corn did. The titans games usually result in the fans getting free Wendy's and now even Coke Zero.

TLC has been showing new episodes of Lottery Changed My Life. Right now im waiting on Curse of the Lottery 2 to start on the E channel. Lottery is becoming an even bigger business with the wild economy of ours. For some reason people will find a way to feed their vices of paying for smoking,drinking,sex,fast food or gambling. Gambling stands out so much now because reality sets in for some people that they are too old to be a professional athlete in a major sport and they may not be attractive enough to marry a rich person who will take care of them. If building millions from the ground up isnt working out and you live check to check then the lottery seems like a waste of money because of the odds but it seems attractive at only one dollar a play.

Dateline NBC had another sting operation on lottery clerks stealing tickets in the link below. California officials helped Dateline but the New York lottery sent out a warning to all clerks that Dateline was trying to "trick" them into stealing tickets. The director of the NY lottery even called Dateline and organization that uses entrapment. I have heard this entrapment excuse when Dateline bust those child rapists on To Catch a Predator. The director said the clerks are tempted to steal because you brought them a ticket that was so large. What??? I dont care how many underage kids email you asking to hang out or to talk to you, you dont reply and you block them once you know they are under 18. I dont care how much the lottery ticket is worth you don't steal it.

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