Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 4

LeBron James was interviewed on CNN and he said he felt race played a factor in the backlash to his decision. I agree with LeBron because alot of athletes change teams to chase more money but this time it was for less money and to chase after a championship ring. The owner lashed out like a maniac. The fans burned LeBron jerseys on youtube and used the N-word many times. The fans also made fun of the way LeBron speaks. If you quote someone like Les Myles and laugh at a quote that doesnt make sense that is one thing but the fans who happened to be white did a disgusting impersonation of what they consider an uneducated african american man sounds like. This is the type of impersonation none of those fans would dare do to an African American mans face especially one LeBrons size.

Also backing up LeBrons point about race is his inclusion on a list of the 6 most hated athletes. points out that all 6 are in fact African American men. LeBron basically just changed jobs but he is rated above an alleged multiple rapist like Ben Roethlisberger.

The Titans prepare for Week 4 against the Denver Broncos. The Titans are 2-1 and Vince Young was pulled out of a game against the Steelers in Week 2. The game was ugly but it opened with a kickoff return for a touchdown and the offensive line has not played well all season but Vince is the only one taking heat for that loss. Reporters locally wanted Vanderbilts Jay Cutler to be drafted over Young and even recent 3rd stringer Matt Leinart was considered a better option. Vince is the only one who led his team to the playoffs and he has more wins and 2 pro bowls. Cutler is an interception machine but the local guys love to bash VY any chance they can. So they leaked from coaches im sure that Vince was late to meetings and missed a meeting during Steeler week. The offensive line and special teams must have missed meetings too because they also played poorly and at least VY had 2 good weeks out of 3 the offensive line is currently 0-3 as far as good games. Since Cutler isnt available the local media wasnt Kerry Collins(yes that kerry collins) to start. Actually Jeff Fisher wants Kerry to start and im sure Jeff prays every play that Vince will break his leg so he can stick Kerry in there. Fisher and the local media think Kerry Collins is Kurt Warner and Brett Favre combined. Bill Simmons said on PTI that Kerry Collins shouldnt start over Vince Young because, "Kerry Collins was washed up 2 years ago." The owner likes Vince and unfortunately he also likes Fisher. Fisher is allergic to playoff wins so as a Titans fan you pray the team just plays really hard and doesnt let Fisher stench of playoff failure stop them from winning it all one year hopefully this year.

The powerball and megamillions keep getting hit so much that you dont see the 200 and 300 million dollar jackpots these days. Dont get me wrong 2grand would be great right now but the dreams start up when you think about having a high 8 figures or a low 9 figures to play with. I have already decided I will blow through 75% of the winnings no matter how big it is and put 25% in the bank. Blowing through 75 million has to be a sin in every religion but lottery winnners have done it before and some will do it again. That last Curse of the Lottery was the worst case scenario nightmares I would worry about. I put a link below from lotterypost about the episode. Check on your states lottery website for any drawings or sweepstakes. Dont always just focus on the homeruns like powerball and megamillions. Any amount of money you can basically win for free would be nice in this economy or any economy actually. Right now the powerball is 48 million for saturday and the megamillions is 32 million for friday. Many blessing to you and yours.

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