Monday, August 2, 2010

Footlong Cheeseburger

Hardees or Carls Jr depending on where you live is testing out a Footlong Cheeseburger. They make it really hard to lose weight with so much fast food being cheap BUT it is still a matter of choice just like buying a lottery ticket. It is up to the individual to choose to spend their money that way. I dont like the people who say dont have casino or lottery type gambling because they are addicts and crimes follows. Crime doesnt need an invitation it will pop up anywhere. People can become addicted to anything that isnt done in moderation so dont punish the rest of us so that small percentage isnt tempted locally. If they want it bad enough they will move to a place to get it or order it online.

The titans signed Chris Johnson and they let Keith Bulluck go home to NYC and sign with the Giants. Bulluck who played her 10 years didnt get a call from the titans since February. The titans deny that but of course I stopped listening to them along time ago. Bud is just happy he saved money by not having to pay Keith Bulluck. Keith was great around the city with charities and he was didnt get the attention he deserved because of the smaller market but now that he is in NYC, ESPN and the NFL network will start looking at his career stats and understand how good he always was. Keith took out a full page ad in the Tennessean (our states largest paper) to thank us fans for supporting him while he was here. That is why I believe keiths version of the story over the titans because they threw away so many players when they got older and locked out Steve McNair.

Mike"Napoleon Complex" Lupica went off on LeBron today on the Sports Reporters. ESPN is piling on LeBron and the entire country is treating him like a criminal. The man played out his contract and changed jobs that is all. He even took less money for a chance to win. Lupica blew off the less money argument but he is highly paid and we know he wouldnt take less money to do his job. LeBron didnt give alcohol and maybe rape women like Big ben,he didnt have a kobe in colorado situation, he didnt kill anybody like donte stalworth and he didnt get arrested with drugs or anything illegal or unethical. Lupica put LeBrons image hit above Tiger"I will sex any woman even though I can afford to pay supermodels for sex"Woods and Rick"15 seconds of good lovin"Pitino. Lupica and all the high and mighty crowd are barking up the wrong tree. If you are in cleveland then as a fan you can say alot but at the end of the day he gave you 7 years of mvp type basketball. These non cleveland fans taking the chance to bash LeBron as the new evil athlete are being hypocrites.

LeBron was paid to host some parties in vegas and thanks to Deadspin for retrieving the story after ESPN pulled it off their page after a few hours. The story was very tame by Vegas standards, hell it was tame by nashville standards. I had more fun than LeBron when I went to vegas so the story being blown up like a Caligula bachelor party weekend was bullcrap. They just wanted another chance to bash LeBron. They should be this outraged when an athlete hits his wife or girlfriend or when he or she gets a DUI. Drunk drivers could kill and do kill alot of people. It is no joke but the same high and mighty press who are all jealous of LeBrons age and money cant wait to beat him like a pinata. ESPN is such a joke and 24 hour commercial for their sponsors now that I use "press" and "media" very loosely when describing them.

Congrats to the person who just won the Powerball in Louisiana. The powerball is back down to 20 million for wednesday August 4th and the megamillions for tuesday August 3rd is 42 million. Good luck at whatever you are doing.

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