Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wading Boots

The title Wading Boots is for the clean up that is still going on here in nashville and also for trying to walk around in the bull Jesse James is shoveling. Vicki Mabrey did a really good interview with Jesse James for Nightline. James was his normal laidback pretending to be shy self. Jesse blamed his mistakes as an adult on his alleged abuse as a child. No one would ever defend child abuse of any form but Jesse is using it as a crutch to act like a jerk right now.

Whoopi Goldberg defended Jesse on the View but of course because he has done the same things he has. Whoopi admits cheating many times on men in the past and present just like Jesse cheated on Sandra. Whoopi also got into a racial controversy over the blackface routine she wrote for her then boyfriend Ted Danson just like Jesse James is in hot water now for taking a picture wearing a Nazi hat and doing their salute.

I dont believe what happens to you as a child gives you a pass to treat others bad now. If you are abused or mistreated you should be more sensitive to not wanting to make others feel as badly as you did. You dont get the right to pay it forward in a negative way. One actor said you should go to counseling and move on but im not even saying that I dont put an age limit when you should no longer hurt from your childhood and forget it. You may be in therapy for life BUT you dont now have the right to abuse or mistreat others now because you were wronged in the past. That is a lame,cowards cop out that is used in court alot and I dont buy it one bit.

Sandra doesnt get enough blame for choosing a well known bad boy who has been married twice and once to a porn star. The odds were stacked against her that she could change him or keep him faitful so just as Jesse needs to take responsibility for his actions, Sandra needs to realize that she has chosen bad boys in the past for the excitement and this time he humiliated her on a worldwide scale. Did Sandra know about the Nazi fascination Jesse has? Maybe Sandra thought the Nazi stuff added to his bad boy image but it would be career suicide for her to admit that she knew about any Nazi things relating to Jesse. Sandra is being called Americas Sweetheart but i dont know when she took the crown from Julia Roberts. Julia or Halle Berry still have the crown but people are on Sandras side because of the situation so they keep calling her that.

I wanted Vicki Mabrey to ask Jesse what he will tell his adopted african american son about that Nazi photo. Jesse thinks the photo is funny and he feels like it is no big deal and only gets attention because of what he did to Sandra. Bombshell McGee also posed in Nazi clothes so for Jesse to find her sexy and have that in common is an enormous coincidence but most people think it was an attraction for both of them. If Jesse doesnt understand why Nazis arent funny to the rest of america than that adopted baby doesnt stand a chance of being raised with a healthy view on race relations. Sandra and Jesse both have been given a huge pass on the Nazi topic but I could careless about the cheating because im not in that relationship but the Nazi think would affect if I see anymore Sandra projects if she also thinks its no big deal.

On a MUCH brighter note the powerball is 220 million for saturday and congratulations to the person in New York who won the megamillions tuesday jackpot of 64 million. The megamillions is 12 million for friday. Enjoy the rest of your week folks.

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