Saturday, May 15, 2010

Give until it hurts

If you want more information on the flood or some of the charities you can visit

The Boondocks started up and the first episode had over 2 million viewers and the second had almost 2 million so keep tuning in so the ratings stay high. The episodes end up on Worldstarhiphop really fast after they air but try to watch it on cartoon network where it will count. Speaking of worldstarhiphop they have shirts and hats now. I dont know who would want to advertise for them publicly but you might as well wear a bangbros shirt if you are willing to wear a wshh one. You may watch some stuff online but you shouldnt be proud of all of it.

Taylor Swift donated 500 grand to the flood relief and bud adams donated 200 grand and got the nfl to match his donation so little Taylor Swift by herself donated more than those combined billionaires. Good for Taylor Swift and all the people helping out. Chris Johnson is scheduled to make 500 grand this season after rushing for 2000 yards so I support his holdout because Bud Adams is a cheapskate.

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